Food is personal! It is much more than eating to be healthy. Food can be fun, part of family life and celebrations. Food can be harmful, full of distress, hurt and bad memories. Food can improve our health or worsen our health. It is rarely as simple as “eat this” or “eat that” and all will be well.

Anybody who has struggled with food for any reason knows that changing what we eat or accepting a seemingly imperfect diet to manage our physical, mental or emotional health needs is complex, multilayered and fraught with challenges.

In my practice I aim to work with you to explore these challenges and work out a way forwards that feels right for you. This may include being a safe space to let out all your fears and worries about your eating, helping you to make small changes, or big changes if that works for you. It may be straightforward dietary advice about a health condition or unpacking a lifetime of difficult relationships with food. If you are not sure, you are welcome to contact me to check if I would be the right person to work with you.