What to expect

  • You can expect that I will ask you what you want and need from the appointment and listen to you
  • Your wants and needs will inform my assessment and advice. For example, we may discuss overall physical and emotional health, diet, your feelings about weight, emotions, mood, self-esteem, family history, health history, lifestyle and activity
  • We will come up with a plan together which may include work to take away and practice, dietary information, information about emotions or strategies to manage any obstacles we have identified.
  • Alternatively you may simply want to talk and share how you are feeling about your eating with someone neutral and safe. If you need to do this just let me know and I will adjust my approach to your needs.

What I don’t do

  • Criticise or judge your eating or weight
  • Blame you for your emotional or physical health, weight or lifestyle
  • I rarely give out prescriptive ‘diet plans,’ if this is what you are wanting I am probably not a good fit
  • I don’t advise on nutritional supplements unless they are clinically indicated
  • I don’t sell or promote specific products or companies