Type 2 diabetes

When you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes you can be faced with too much information or not enough information for your individual needs. Sometimes the information is standardized and might not feel like it fits for you. Searching online can lead to an overwhelming amount of often conflicting advice.

My approach is to work with you to find a way forward that empowers you to manage your diabetes, while maintaining a lifestyle that works for you. I give straightforward user friendly dietary advice, taking into account your likes and dislikes, other medical issues and dietary restrictions.

Consultations can include any of the following;

What is type 2 diabetes and what causes it?

How to prevent complications.

What, how much and when to eat?

What your diabetes blood test results mean?

Physical activity and diabetes.

pre diabetes

Many people are diagnosed with pre diabetes, some of these people will then go on to develop full blown type 2 diabetes. Pre diabetes can be seen as a warning sign that your body is struggling, it often comes along with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. By acting early you can delay, or sometimes prevent, the progression to type 2 diabetes and reduce your risks of developing coronary heart disease.