• My website is written in black on a white background to maximise contrast.
  • I use Ariel font as this has been shown to be easier to read for some people with dyslexia.
  • I minimise pictures and pop ups as these are more difficult to navigate with a screen reader.
  • I do not use moving images as these can trigger migraines and dizziness.
  • Nothing is hidden or written to confuse, including fees information.



  • All bookings are via email.
  • All new and follow up appointments are 60 minutes long. If this may be too long for you to manage, just let me know, we can make shorter appointments.
  • I will send you a booking form which includes asking about any adaptations you may need in order to make the appointment accessible for you. There will never be extra charges related to accessibility.

On the day

  • All appointments are via Skype video call.
  • You are welcome to bring another person onto your call to support you.
  • I don’t mind at all if you have your appointment stood, sat, lying down, or whatever is most comfortable for you.
  • Wear whatever makes you comfortable and preserves your energy, including pjs, be comfy!
  • You are welcome to eat, drink, take medications etc whenever you need to.
  • If you need a rest break just let me know.